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Meet Sabine Florence

Thank you for visiting my Reiki site.


My name is Sabine Florence, a Certified Reiki Master currently living in Arizona.
Spirituality, emotional well-being, meditation and martial arts have been my passion since I was a teenager.


When I lived in France, my native country, my outlook on life changed when I worked with elderly and disabled people for several years.  I learned just how comforting the touch of a hand can be for someone who is suffering or going through the dying process.  These emotionally difficult experiences allowed me to truly grasp the meaning of empathy and to become more spiritually connected.


These personal encounters led me to Buddhism because of its particular approach to suffering, compassion and impermanence.


For the last 18 years I have been in contact with Buddhist and Zen masters who have encouraged me in the practices of meditation, Qi Gong and finally Reiki.  This path of study and enlightenment has changed my life.  I began to provide distance healing sessions from my home in France and would like to continue using this gift from my new home in Arizona.


Even though I am a Certified Reiki master, I rarely use this term.  I define myself more as a simple woman, who desires to help others and bring light into this world through healing, prayers and unconditional love.


With joy and peace,

Sabine Florence

purple colored flowers held by a statue of a woman sitting down - Flo Reiki

My Approach to Healing

Distance Healing has the ability to be effective without the need for physical presence and can be felt across any distance.


As a Certified Reiki Master, I can  scan your body and help heal the underlying energetic causes.  By removing the negative energy  , you will be able to attract positive experiences.


I would also advise you on healing techniques such as body/mind techniques, affirmation work, chakra balancing, rooting, calming and healing breathing, guided meditation and mindfulness.


Reiki Healing  includes free  chat communication  after each session, if desired

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